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Night Cramps Specialist

Daniel D. Michaels, DPM, MS, DABFAS -  - Podiatrist

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Daniel D. Michaels, DPM, MS, DABFAS

Podiatrist located in Hagerstown, MD & Frederick, MD

If you awaken in the middle of the night with searing cramps in your lower legs and feet, you may have what’s known as nocturnal leg cramps, or night cramps. At Reconstructive Foot & Ankle, Daniel Michaels, DPM, MS, DABFAS, addresses these troublesome cramps from the inside out using holistic and natural vitamin therapies. If you’d like to find relief from night cramps, call one of the two locations in Hagerstown and Frederick, Maryland, or use the online booking tool.

Night Cramps Q & A

What are night cramps?

Night cramps, which are medically known as nocturnal leg cramps, are involuntary spasms in the muscles of your legs and feet while you sleep, often waking you because of the pain. Most people feel cramping in their calves, but night cramps can affect any muscles in your legs or feet.

What causes night cramps?

Many factors contribute to night cramps, including:

  • Muscle fatigue
  • Age (over the age of 50)
  • Standing a lot during the day, especially on hard surfaces
  • Sitting incorrectly during the day
  • Pregnancy
  • Dehydration
  • Alcoholism
  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Diuretics

Night cramps are different from restless leg syndrome, and they can be a temporary problem after a long day on your feet or a chronic issue due to pre-existing health problems.

Whatever is causing the night cramps, Dr. Michaels offers a therapy that helps relieve the cramps so that you can sleep soundly through the night.

How are night cramps treated?

Since night cramps are caused by muscle contractions or spasms, Dr. Michaels takes a holistic approach to treating the problem using a natural vitamin therapy rather than prescription drugs, which provide only temporary relief. The vitamin therapy contains three important ingredients:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin K

These three minerals help your muscles function properly and correct any deficiencies that may be contributing to your cramps.

In addition to the vitamin therapy, Dr. Michaels also recommends gentle stretching exercises to help relax and loosen your muscles. You can do these exercises before bedtime or during the cramp itself. In addition to these exercises, Dr. Michaels recommends that you hydrate properly throughout the day, which can go a long way toward relieving muscle cramps.

While all of these approaches tackle the cramps, Dr. Michaels also works with you if there’s an underlying problem that’s leading to the cramps. For example, if you have cramps from diabetic neuropathy, Dr. Michaels helps you manage your diabetes to halt your neuropathy and alleviate any related cramps.

To learn more about preventing night cramps, call Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute or use the online scheduling tool to request an appointment at one of their two locations.

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