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Dr. Michaels,

It was July 25, 2008 that I had my first appointment with “RFAI”, and just want to say “Thank You” for helping me find relief to the excruciating pain in my ankles. I am not completely pain free but I can truthfully say, “It’s not as it was!”

Honestly, we can say that Doctors and Specialists work in partnership with God. God created us but apart from the wisdom and knowledge he has given you. There would be no help to offer. On my 3rd visit you mentioned taping my feet. What a great help it has been and have had them taped nearly every day since!

I do remember you and the family in my prayers and thank God often that I came to you! I saw the TV Commercial at the right time! “Thank you” and I do appreciate you!


Faye Wingert

P.S. “I feel I gained a new friend!”

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