MD Podiatrist Recommends Oil-Based Ointments for Dry Skin

Sandal season is upon us, which means we're keeping our nails trimmed, trying our best to avoid chipped polish, and making sure our feet are soft and moisturized. But that lightweight summer lotion you use on your body may not cut it for your heels and soles where skin tends to be thicker, which is where foot ointments come into play.


“In summer, when we are barefoot or using things like open-heeled shoes, our skin can become very dry and cracked,” says Dan Michaels, DPM. To get even the dryest of feet moisturized, he recommends pulling out the big guns—oil-based ointments. He says the best time to apply them to your feet is right after a soak. But if they are very dry and cracked, they may need to have some filing of the thickened, callused skin first. Do this in a bath or dedicated foot soak, using a pumice stone, for example, followed by a moisturizer, he says.

The Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute, LLC Team

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