MD Podiatrist Provides Splinter Care Tips

A splinter occurs when a shard of something lodges into the skin. “It is okay to try to remove a splinter by sterilizing the area with alcohol and making sure that you have a sterile pair of tweezers before trying to extract the splinter,” Dan Michaels, DPM says. Try to get the splinter out as soon as it lodges into the body so that your skin doesn’t heal around the material. This, among other situations, is when you might need professional attention.


Dr. Michaels adds that when trying to remove a splinter, it is important to not use any sharp objects like a blade or any other tools that "bathroom surgeons" like to use at home. You shouldn’t use anything that is not sterile and can possibly cause infection and lead to more serious problems. Tweezers are ideal for a splinter because they are not sharp enough to cause further cuts or damage to the skin like needles or knives—while also providing a very helpful tactile grip. Using a magnifying glass and a bright light on the area while you’re trying to get the splinter out can also be helpful.

The Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute, LLC Team

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