MD Podiatrist Emphasizes the Health Benefits of Foot Soaks

Your feet are a cooling hotspot because they're home to key circulation points in your body, adds Daniel D. Michaels, DPM. "Placing your feet in cool water or a cool washcloth on the inside of the ankle can cool the entire body because of the easy access to circulation in these regions," she says. "They're referred to as pulse points, as they provide quick system effects that include cooling the body down or warming the body up."


To up the ante, throw in some cooling oils. "A great cooling agent is peppermint oil, aloe, and cucumber," says Dr. Michaels, who also recommends using something like Arm & Hammer Moisturizer + Gentle Exfoliator, as it combats odor on top of exfoliating, moisturizing, and cooling your body down. Obviously, you'll reap the hygienic benefits while you're at it, especially considering that "the feet are the closest proximity to the ground, which means they easily pick up dirt and bacteria when walking around," says Dr. Michaels. "With so many sweat glands, the feet should be washed daily to cleanse sweat and odor." 

The Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute, LLC Team

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