MD Podiatrist Discusses Zero Drop Shoes

Dr. Daniel Michaels states it’s true that Zero Drop Shoes are the opposite of Stilettos. Unfortunately, in a civilized society, both are biomechanically unhealthy. “Pawing around in bare feet” on hard ground is bad for most feet. Zero Drop Shoes cause pedal collapse, develops forefoot spread, wider feet, and more protective callus in time. 

Murray and Drillis published that as we age, we imperceptibly walk slower and take smaller steps (Haywood K, Getchell N: Lifespan Motor Development; sixth edition, Page 131). They called this “pre-senile and senile walking”. This suggests that Zero Drop Shoes will age us functionally and reduce activity level over time as if we had aged.

The evidence confirms that it is our muscle engines that ultimately stabilize, support, and balance the foot when weighted. Since muscle engines leverage and power best in a 1-1.5” heel from the ground up, this translates to mean that if you have been over-active, have heel pain, postural symptoms, or an injury, a small heeled shoe is a better choice than either a flat or a stiletto. Ask yourself why work boots, hiking shoes, cowboy boots, dance shoes, cross-fit shoes, and most sport shoes played on hard surfaces all have a heel?

The Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute, LLC Team

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