MD Podiatrist Discusses the Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats

Long days on your feet can have serious effects on your joint health over time, which is why these mats have many benefits for everyday life. Dan Michaels, DPM, shares, "Anti-fatigue or standing mats are designed to off-load stress to the foot and body associated with prolonged standing." He adds, "Some mats provide cushion, whereas others provide irregular surfaces or texture to stimulate and massage the feet." 


Depending on the experience you're searching for, whether it be cushion or support (or a combination of both), Dr. Michaels recommends looking for a mat that can "activate, release and off-load the foot during prolonged standing." He goes on to explain that the ball of the foot and heels can often feel the most stress from prolonged standing, as this is where the most pressure is placed.

The Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute, LLC Team

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