MD Podiatrist Discusses Ingrown Toenails

According to Daniel D. Michaels, DPM, there are four main causes of ingrown toenails: footwear that’s too tight, trauma to the toe (like badly stubbing it), improper trimming, and heredity. The first three can be prevented, but there are some people who are just prone to ingrowns “because of the shape of the nail root and the way the skin goes around it,” Michaels says. In those cases, he recommends seeing a podiatrist for a simple procedure in which part of the nail is removed to prevent further ingrowns.



Dr. Michaels recommends soaking your foot in Epsom salt and warm water at the first sign of a minor ingrown toenail, in order to soften the skin so that you can “reach that little area [of the nail] that’s pressing in and trim it out.” He also advises anyone with diabetes or poor circulation to see a podiatrist if they have an ingrown toenail, because it could quickly progress to a dangerous infection.

The Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute, LLC Team

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