MD Podiatrist Discusses Fall Prevention

“Falls are caused by a combination of factors, some external - like loose rugs, sidewalk cracks, and ill-fitting footwear. Others can be internal health-related causes such as muscle deterioration and certain chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease and neuropathy (frequently caused by diabetes), which can cause numbness, weakness or burning in the feet. These sensory issues can cause the feet not to feel where they are stepping, and, in turn, can lead to falls,” says Daniel D. Michaels, DPM with the Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute, LLC.

“Seniors can take proactive steps to reduce their risk of falling by developing a fall prevention plan. The first step in developing a fall prevention program should be a visit to a podiatric foot and ankle specialist,” continued Dr. Michaels.

The Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute, LLC Team

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