MD Podiatrist Discuss Bunions


"A bunion is a prominence on the first joint on the base of your big toe on your foot," Dan Michaels, DPM, explained. In other words, it's a sizable bump that forms when the metatarsal bone begins to shift outwards. Bunions are often caused by genetics, but can be the result of several other factors including tight shoes, overpronation (caused by the way you walk) and ligament laxity of the foot. According to Dr. Michaels, those with flat feet are also more prone to developing bunions than folks with high arches.


Once you have a bunion, you're usually stuck with it — unless you want to undergo surgery. "You can manage them to feel more comfortable, but the only way to eliminate or reverse them is surgical intervention," Michaels said, adding that untreated bunions can lead to arthritis pain.

The Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute, LLC Team

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