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Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is damage of the peripheral nerves. Your peripheral nerves—the nerves in your toes and fingertips—are the ones on the periphery of your body.

May 23rd, 2016
Bothersome Bunions

One of the most common ailments that people complain of are bunions. A #bunion is a bump that forms on the base of the joint of the big toe.

Mar 6th, 2015
Heart Health!

#February is National Heart Healthy Month so today we have dedicated our#wackyshoewednesday to some pretty crazy heart heels!

Feb 18th, 2015
Psoriasis Stages

How can psoriasis be treated, you ask? According to Dr. Michaels, mild psoriasis can be treated with a topical steroid cream applied directly to the affected area.

Feb 10th, 2015
Dry Skin or Something More?

Since we are still dealing with the wonderful#winter season, now is a great time to discuss skin issues. Some people, especially diabetics, suffer from excessive dry skin. But how do you know when it is more than #dryskin?

Feb 9th, 2015
And the answer is....

The #answer to our #funfactfriday question is: The big toe! The Hallux is the most common toe to become ingrown.

Feb 6th, 2015
Ingrown Answers!

#funfact friday is here! Question of the day: On what toe are #ingrown toenails most common?

Feb 6th, 2015
Aftercare for your Ingrown

So, let's say that you have seen Dr. Michaels and he has performed the #ingrowntoenailprocedure. You may be wondering how you should care for it after leaving our office and what to expect.

Feb 5th, 2015
Asking for an Ingrown?

When #VictoriaBeckham wore these #christianlouboutin heels we are sure that they were at the height of fashion!

Feb 4th, 2015
Treating an Ingrown

You may be wondering how an #ingrowntoenail is treated. Luckily for you, Dr. Michaels has created a video discussing possible treatment options and ways to deal with a pesky ingrown nail.

Feb 3rd, 2015
Inconvenient Ingrown?

A few weeks ago we talked about surgery and learned that the most common in-office surgery is to correct ingrown toenails.

Feb 2nd, 2015
Fungal Fact Friday

For this #funfactfriday, let's talk about celebrities! Can you guess which of these three celebrities has been caught with#fungal nails?

Jan 30th, 2015
Fighting back Fungus

While fungal nails can be a bothersome infection, Dr. Michaels has found some techniques to fight back. One of our most popular treatment methods is the use of an FDA approved laser.

Jan 29th, 2015
Let's Forget Fungus!

Let's talk about something that isn't so pleasant....#fungus or fungal infections (onychomycosis in medical jargon).

Jan 27th, 2015

Instead of #wackyshoewednesday, we decided to show you a few examples of what your custom molded orthotics could look like!

Jan 21st, 2015
Foregoing Foot Pain

Do you suffer from foot pain? Does the ball of your foot hurt? Do you have pain in the arch of your foot?

Jan 20th, 2015
To Cut or Not, That is the Question

When is surgery necessary? According to our very own Dr. Michaels, "#footsurgery would be necessary when a person is no longer responsive to consevsative treatments and pain, discomfort, and deformity still persist."

Jan 15th, 2015
Cumbersome Corns and Calluses

A #corn or #callus can be a painless nuisance, but for some they can be a daily problem, causing pain and irritation.

Jan 8th, 2015
Corn-y Shoes

So maybe these weren't the kind of "corn" that we have been talking about....

Jan 7th, 2015
Celebrities have Corns Too!

We have briefly discussed #corns and calluses, but lets not forget that these don't happen to just you and me.

Jan 6th, 2015
Corn and Calluses

Many people suffer from a thickening of the skin on their toes and feet. These areas are called #corns or #calluses.

Jan 5th, 2015
Posh Heel Pain

#PoshSpice is no stranger to wearing high heels! The fashion forward former popstar is always making a statement in some skyscraper shoes whenever she steps out.

Dec 11th, 2014
Decision, decisions...

So instead of the normal #wackyshoewednesday we want to try #whichwouldyouwearwednesday!

Dec 10th, 2014
Pregnant in Heels

This just in....#DuchessKate is 5 months pregnant and still wearing 4 inch heels!

Dec 9th, 2014
Hating Heel Pain?

Make sure to check out Dr. Michaels from#Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Institute, LLC on WHAG's #medicalcorner!

Dec 9th, 2014
Holidays Stressing You Out?

Does the #holiday preparation have you #stressedout? Are you in need a little "you" time? Come visit our Safe Spa.

Dec 8th, 2014
What is R.I.C.E.?

It's #FunFactFriday again! Today's #question ties into yesterday's post.

Dec 5th, 2014
Sprains Explained

For those of you who have not had the chance to check out our latest newsletter "Strains, Sprains, and Automobiles", we have pulled a few of the key points for you!

Dec 4th, 2014
Elf on the Shelf Shoes

It's #wackyshoewednesday and we thought with the#holidays coming up our Mom followers, and some Dad's too, can relate to these cute little shoes. Whether your #elfontheshelf is a boy or a girl, these little ice skates and scarf would make a great addition!

Dec 3rd, 2014