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Our wound care center utilizes state of the art technology to get your wounds healed fast.  Not only do we have the best topical wound care products on the market to give your wound what it needs to heal we have surgical training that can close your wound with a simple plastic surgical procedure which is covered by your insurance. Dermagraft is a skin graft grown in California from fetal foreskin and this is placed on your wound if it doesn’t heal in 1 month.  Our center has used this for over 10 years with excellent success.  This is the most advanced wound care product on the market today. If your wound doesn’t heal our Foot & Ankle Surgeons have training in reconstructive and plastic surgery so we can heal your wound with your own skin by rotating a flap to cover a wound which then will heal within a month.  Below are some before and after pictures of wounds we were able to heal with plastic surgery.  Please contact us if you want your wound to heal fast.