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Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute, LLC is Going GREEN for a Better Future

Watch us Go Green with
Solar Panels

It is not just feet we are looking to save, but our earth and our future are at the top of our list as well. With increased use of fossil fuels, which put carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere thus causing global warming and climate change in addition to pollution, we want to mitigate this process in our practice. We at the Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute, LLC are launching A "Go Green Campaign" in an effort to do our part for a better tomorrow. Analyzing our medical practice, we have implemented many changes in an effort to create an eco-friendly environment. Some of these changes include:

Installing a 20,400 Watt Solar Array in our Hagerstown Location

  • To decrease our carbon footprint we have installed solar panels on our roof in the Hagerstown office. Please come by our office to see our reception area video monitor that shows in real time how much energy we are producing. We also have a solar panel in the waiting room for you to see, hold, and touch. Our system is 100% made in America with all American parts and assembled using American labor. We value America and want to increase our country's industrial base and ensure our continued world leading success by always making the choice to buy American. 

Implementing Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

  • This system makes all of the patient records electronic, significantly reducing the paper used in the practice. In addition, this system offers increased safety in protecting private patient information.

Digital X-Ray Imaging

  • Digital X-ray images can now be created immediately without the need for toxic chemicals or films for developing. In addition, the X-Ray image is only printed if needed by the patient or referring physician.


  • This program allows the doctors in the practice to prescribe medications to the pharmacy electronically, eliminating the need for paper referral pads.


  • The E-Newsletter informs our existing patients and community of updates and foot care information at the convenience of a mouse click, thus eliminating paper newsletters, including the stamps and labels needed to mail them.

Recycling print cartridges

Eco-Friendly light bulbs used throughout our practice

Recycling all paper, bottles, cardboard, and plastic from within our practice

We use recycled batteries in our blood pressure cuffs and rechargeable batteries for all other items

Planting trees and using natural recycled mulch around the office property

We use re-usable linens in our Surgery Center which are processed in our OSHA certified laundry facility to mitigate landfill use. 

Creating "Go Green" bags and offering them free to the community

  • These are reusable shopping bags eliminating the need to use paper and plastic bags when shopping for groceries, shopping in the malls, etc.  Our bags are also made 100% in America.

Just stop into one of our offices in Frederick or Hagerstown and ask the front desk for a 'Go Green' bag (ours are red) , and we will be happy to provide one at no cost for you (while supplies last)!